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Still trying to decide on a Palouse Country Photo Tour?


With the growing number of groups offering photo tours or workshops to the Palouse, ask yourself, what you want out of a Palouse photo tour and carefully consider the following before making your selection:


  • How well does the tour leader know the area?
  • How many days does the tour leader personally photograph the Palouse each year?
  • Does the tour leader scout the Palouse before each scheduled tour?
  • How many photo tours has the leader conducted on the Palouse?
  • Where is the tour leader from? (I bet not the Palouse).
  • Where does the tour leader take you? 
  • Carefully review feedback to see how former clients describe their experience.
  • What is the group size of the photo tour (more than 8)?
  • How many hours does the group spend in the field photographing the Palouse?

The quality of every Palouse Country Photo Tour is important to us, so, before each tour, we map out and drive hundreds of miles checking the routes of our tour to ensure maximum photographic opportunity for our participants. We’ll also check in with a number of local farmers to see who is working their land, the maturity of the crops, find where crop dusters are flying, where to find wildlife, and identify alternative photo opportunities and locations in the case of inclement weather.

"Don't just photograph the Palouse - EXPERIENCE it!"


“This past summer I had the opportunity to go on a Palouse Country Photo Tour led by Jack Lien, and was overwhelmed by his experience and enthusiasm for the Palouse. A long time resident of the area, Jack's local knowledge and accomplished photography skills made for a well run, and fun tour. I was with two other photography friends and we each had varying interests, which Jack accommodated with ease. Knowing the back roads off of the back roads like the back of his own hand, Jack was able to consistently get us into beautiful and unique sectors of the Palouse as we chased the light throughout each day. The result was a photographic portfolio rich in results. The highlight was to be with Jack as we photographed the harvest - to our amazement; we were not only invited onto the fields but also into the combines of his network of farmers.


To those considering a Palouse Photo Tour in the future I would say: "Don't just photograph the Palouse - EXPERIENCE it!" Go with Jack Lien’s Palouse Country Photo Tours, and you won't be disappointed.”     Rob Holt-Arlington, MA

Now that you are looking at the Palouse Country Photo Tour website, go ahead and email or call us if you have any questions about scheduling a Palouse photo tour. or (360) 481-4575


Not from the United States? We have a long history of working with visitors from around the world to arrange for either a scheduled or custom Palouse Country Photo Tour.


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