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Jack Lien 
Owner and Tour Leader


Jack Lien is an accomplished professional photographer and naturalist, with demonstrated expertise in nature and wildlife photography.


Jack has spent over 30 years studying, observing, and learning the behaviors of wildlife and experiencing nature’s wonders while fine-tuning his photographic skills.


His approach to nature photography is knowing when, where, and how to capture the ultimate image while always expecting the unexpected and accepting the premise; nothing comes easily, without perseverance and the willingness to learn from our experiences with nature. 


  • “Is anything more rewarding than witnessing the hidden beauty of the morning’s first light illuminating a forest floor, a mountain top, or reflecting a mist upon a sleeping lake?”

His approach to wildlife photography is centered on developing a relationship with his subjects; understanding animal behaviors while respecting their role in the balance of nature. 

  • “We live among wild creatures and visit their environment momentarily. When we leave, they must remain, survive, reproduce, and play out the balance of nature as either predator or prey”.

Professional Photo Tours and Workshops *

Jack's reputation as a highly sought-after instructor and guide is rooted in his knowledge and expertise of both photographic principles and his understanding of nature.  He leads nature and wildlife photo tours and workshops to:


Jack is passionate about photographing the spiritual essence and natural grandeur of this place called the Palouse and is the only photo tour company to offer over a dozen photo tours to the Palouse each year.


Jack offers two “Wildlife of Yellowstone” workshops each year in Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks during May and September.   


His tours and workshops are customized to meet the distinct needs of the participants and are continually being enhanced to ensure maximum photographic opportunities.  

* Four Seasons Photo Tours LLC


When he is not leading photo tours or conducting workshops, Jack can be found traveling throughout the United States and Canada in search of that distinctive image that ultimately captures the emotions of viewers while always perfecting his photographic skills. 

Wildlife Research Photographer - Jack also works on assignment with several state and federal agencies as a wildlife research photographer, documenting the study of endangered and threatened species. 

Professional Organizations - Jack is a member of Photographic Society of America (PSA) and North American Nature Photography Association (NANPA). In addition, he belongs to three camera clubs and two wildlife organizations.

Fine Art Images

Jack’s nature and wildlife images have been featured in galleries, specialty businesses, and magazines, as well as several governmental publications and buildings, and private homes.  He offers limited edition prints through select art shows, galleries, and on his website.  

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