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 What our clients are saying about “Best of the Palouse Country Photo Tours 

Tuscany of North America


  • “I was very excited about photographing the Palouse and had very high expectations about what I would see. To summarize… my experience greatly exceeded my high expectations. On your website, you mentioned 12-14 hours days of photographing. Well, looking back I got every minute you promised!  Knowing that I would be visiting the “Tuscany of North America,” I appreciated the challenge of being exposed to topography which I have yet to come across, except in the Tuscany region of Italy. The rolling, sculpted fields of spring and winter wheat were almost surreal in their beauty. In addition, the various rustic small towns, barns and numerous farm vehicles, were almost overload.  I also would be remiss if I did not comment on your knowledge of the area. The fact that there were other tours going on while I was there did not go unnoticed by me; more importantly, the fact that your obvious local knowledge (30+ year resident) allowed me to see so much made my trip all the more valuable. As I recall the various websites I visited prior to selecting your photo tour I can’t help but shake my head at what the other photo tours would miss without someone having local knowledge, given all the Palouse area has to offer. Your local knowledge alone was worth the price!  I guess one of the best means of judging a photo tour are the resulting images. I have more printable images (16 x 20 or larger) from the “Weekend on the Palouse” than I have ever made from a photo tour”.    

R. Russell - Santa Clarita, California


"Don't just photograph the Palouse - EXPERIENCE it!"  


  • “This past summer I had the opportunity to go on a Palouse Country Photo Tour led by Jack Lien, and was overwhelmed by his experience and enthusiasm for the Palouse. A long time resident of the area, Jack's local knowledge and accomplished photography skills made for a well run, and fun tour. I was with two other photography friends and we each had varying interests, which Jack accommodated with ease. Knowing the back roads off of the back roads like the back of his own hand, Jack was able to consistently get us into beautiful and unique sectors of the Palouse as we chased the light throughout each day. The result was a photographic portfolio rich in results. The highlight was to be with Jack as we photographed the harvest - to our amazement; we were not only invited onto the fields but also into the combines of his network of farmers.  

To those considering a Palouse Photo Tour in the future I would say: "Don't just photograph the Palouse - EXPERIENCE it!" Go with Jack Lien’s Palouse Country Photo Tours, and you won't be disappointed.”    


Rob Holt-Arlington, MA

·         “If you want to find these treasures, you need the help of a knowledgeable local guide.  I signed up for a five-day tour with Palouse Country Photo Tours, led by area-native Jack Lien.  Jack is a professional photographer who has lived in and photographed the area for 30 years. He has built relationships with local farmers which allow him to take his small groups —generally limited to six people — onto private land to see fields of yellow mustard, or go inside old structures that no other photo tour groups can access.  He does extensive research each spring to find out what crops farmers have planted, which hillsides will yield the best photos and what weathered old structures are still standing. Most photo tours of the Palouse are led by people who have never lived in the area. They swoop in from somewhere else and take photographers only to the most common sites. Not so with Jack Lien’s tours. If you want to make the most of your visit to this little slice of Americana, go with Jack.”

Randall Roberts - Thornton, CO

  • “Jack, I can assure you that your guided tour as well as the beauty and endless photo opportunities not only met but exceeded my expectations. I was particularly impressed by the expert knowledge you had of the place and its people. Knowing your background it explains it all. What a great guide we had. Thank you for that. I think that the fotocommunity world should be made more aware of this fabulous place. Publication of photos in relevant magazines would certainly help. I rarely see this area adequately covered as it is under-represented”.    

Reiner Boehme - Germany


  • "Jack offers an outstanding experience of the Palouse countryside. He includes the normal scenic opportunities that capture the photographer's eyes, but also offers unexpected and out of the way opportunities to capture the photographer's imagination. Jack was very flexible to satisfy his client's photographic needs and offered suggestions and options. Overall, the Palouse experience exceeded my expectations and I would recommend Jack to anyone desiring a unique adventure."   

J. Carter – Valencia, California


  • I have attended no tour as interesting and intensive as yours, so much to see and so much to capture, and so much beauty. Would I do another tour with Palouse Country Photo Tours: Without a doubt. 



1.      Great ratio with staff and clients.

2.      Great chemistry with clients and staff.

3.      Wonderful opportunity to visit sites that only a “local” would know existed. Such sites are not available to other tours as only a local with access to land owners could negotiate access.

4.      Flexible schedule allowing for on the spot stops to facilitate the client’s desire to capture an image or two.

5.      Driving hundreds of miles seeking images is certainly a key reason for my securing the beautiful images I have.

6.      The variety of images we secured is for me truly interesting, exciting, and extending of ones understanding of image making. Many thanks.


D. Ayarra – Bend, Oregon


  • I'd like to thank you for the outstanding tour you planned for us in the Palouse. It was exactly what I was hoping for. You showed us a terrific variety of photographic opportunities. Through your tour, we were able to experience a great taste of the life style in this great area of eastern Washington.  I've finally spent some time going through my images. I think I did pretty well. Again, thank you for a great three days.   

S. Morse - Lynnfield, MA


  • When I mentioned to friends that I was going to the Palouse to photograph the harvest the reaction was always the same – “oh, lucky you!” and I’d get a big smile.  So off I went with two other photographers and Jack Lien as the tour guide to discover the wonders and beauty of the Palouse at harvest time. The landscape is immense.  The colors are both subtle and intense.  The setting is pastoral.  These are hard-working families who love the land and it shows.  Jack’s knowledge of the area, its back roads and his personal relationships with the people who live there made it possible for us to photograph on private land a good deal of the time.  For example, rather than photographing barns from the outside I had the joy of photographing the outside world from inside the barn.  And then there were the critters: deer, owl, and heron – even a porcupine! 

The Wheatland Inn is a welcoming place to stay. This tour is all about location and light which was just fine with me.  I hoped to come home with a few good images.  I was not disappointed and I will be back for more. 


B. Brower – Seattle, Washington   

·        Last night on Steptoe Butte, I met another photographer named Jack Lien. I recognized his name immediately from my research, because he runs a lot of photo tours here.  He didn’t recognize my name (so he wasn’t being nice out of professional courtesy) but that didn’t stop him from offering a ton of tasty advice on some of his favorite routes in the area.

It’s great to meet such a generous shooter. A lot of people in his position would be guarded, especially since he makes a part of his living showing folks around. Just based on my brief interactions with Jack last night and today at breakfast (we’re in the same motel), I’d bet his photo tours of the region would be first class. If you’re thinking of exploring this photogenic area (and you should, cuz it’s gorgeous!), you couldn’t do better than tagging along with Jack.

Bob Krist - Blog 2009

  • Accessibility - the key to the Palouse, is gained through the experience and expertise of Jack Lien area native and professional photographer. Capture a stunning, moody moon-rise on Steptoe -Butte, and then in the morning follow a combine harvesting grain on a steep hillside in the beautiful Palouse. Hugh vistas of yellow Rape seed or Canola bloom meld into dark brown fields of freshly plowed earth bordered by green fields of Spring wheat.  

Jack, your tour was extraordinary. You were most attentive to our individual needs, took us to places that we never could have gone to without you, and gave us a background in the history, demographics, and geology of the area.

Phyllis Goodfriend -


  • Thanks again for a great Palouse tour.  You always got us to great shooting locales at the right time for the best light and had more spots in reserve for when we needed to be flexible because of changing weather, etc.   

Mike B. - Perrysburg, OH

  • I just wanted to thank you again for a wonderful week in the Palouse.  Your knowledge of the area, and your warm, amiable manner has made this trip a truly great experience.  I will be sure to recommend you to anyone who wants to do photography in the Palouse. 

Frank Silverman – Setauket, NY


  • I have always liked mountains and seascapes, but had seen a couple of photos of the Palouse area in eastern Washington and was blown away by the beautiful rolling hills. I decided that I needed to explore this area but did not know where to begin! I was visiting my local camera store and came across Jack’s flyer for a five day tour of the Palouse. There were several other advertisements, but Jack’s stood out as the most complete. The advertisement told me what I would see and at what times certain crops would be ripe for viewing and even their respective growing cycles. Another plus, Jack limited the number of photographers to no more than 6, something none of the other tours do. A final selling point for me was the fact Jack has been a resident of the Palouse area for many years. What this allows for, is a guide with intimate knowledge of the area and friendships with local farmers which allows for access to many spots the general public cannot get too. The 5-day Palouse tour was a blast! Jack is friendly and very patient with the photographers attending his tour. He was accommodating when we saw something like a barn, crop duster, or other photo opportunity during our travels. Another plus, Jack would not take his own photos while conducting his Palouse photo tours. He made himself completely available to the group participants and would frequently make suggestions regarding composition and would offer assistance to individuals needing help. I cannot say enough positive things about the five day marathon of shooting.  

David R Irons Jr. - Issaquah, WA 

 Photo courtesy of Ken Johnson 

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