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On a Palouse Country Photo Tour, you’ll capture the uncommon photograph in a region described by National Geographic Magazine as “A Paradise called the Palouse.” Sprawling across the Washington-Idaho border, this 4,000 square-mile region embraces uncommonly rich farmland.  Crop patterns form a vibrant patchwork appearance and a wild sea-like wave as the winds cause fields of wheat and barley to bend and sway. The Palouse offers photographers the opportunity to capture not only a diverse landscape but a chance to witness an unforgettable land formed by the Lake Missoula glacial flood path of 15,000 years ago.  Palouse Country Photo Tours is the only photography tour company that specializes in and is intimately knowledgeable with this amazing country.


What can you expect?
In addition to endless opportunities to photograph incredible and continuously changing landscape, nostalgic buildings, and turn of the century farms, you will also:  

Learn the history of the Palouse  
While traveling and photographing the Palouse, your tour leader will give you an insider’s look into the history of the region and tell unique stories about the people that make the Palouse their home. At the end of your tour you’ll also receive a comprehensive narrative of the Palouse Region to remind you of what you’ve seen. 

Tell a story

A common theme of our tours is to give you the opportunity to tell a story through your photographs. Each day we will seek out a different story to tell such as the history of the Palouse, farming practices, the lifestyle of a farming and ranching family, or to capture the unique pattern of crop formations found in the endless landscape. 

Photographic Instruction

While most of our attention will focus on photographing the incredible Palouse landscape, you can choose to join us in the evenings as we discuss select topics geared to the photographic skill level of the participants. Topics may include: elements of composition, understanding exposure, depth of field, or learning to see the light, to helping you develop your personal photographic style. (Not offered for Weekend Tours)

Palouse Country Photo
Tours will take you to sites that the other guys miss. Most photo tours of the Palouse are designed and led by people who have never lived in the region. Their tours stop at only the most common sites, and don’t get into the heart of the country where often the most exceptional photographic opportunities await. 

Your tour leader, Jack Lien has
lived on and photographed the Palouse for over 30 years. He’s discovered countless photographic opportunities throughout the region and has gained access to private land, nostalgic buildings and landscape that is either unknown or off limits to others. Jack will get you into the heart and soul of the land and its people and you’ll have abundant opportunities to photograph historic buildings, barns, windmills, and fields. You may also have the opportunity to meet and photograph area farmers preparing their equipment for a long day in the field. 

Join us for one of our Harvest Tours, and you’ll follow the farmers as they systematically cut the vast bounty of wheat, barley and lentils, and you’ll stand amongst the enormous modern-day combines while they “work the harvest” in fields of golden wheat and barley. 

We do our homework. The quality of every Palouse Country Photo Tour is important to us, so, just before each tour, we map out and drives the routes on our tour to ensure maximum photographic opportunity for our participants. We’ll also check in with a number of local farmers to see who is working their land, the maturity of the crops, find where crop dusters are flying, where to find wildlife, and identify alternative photo opportunities and locations in the case of inclement weather.  


We want you to have a high quality, fun and informative experience with us, and each of our tours is designed with these elements in mind. Choose one of our exciting tours, below. Spring/Summer Photo Tour Our Spring/Summer tours focus on the rapidly developing stages of crop growth and farmers working the fields. This is an excellent time to photograph the deep rich green fields against the freshly plowed ground and the pastoral scenes only found on the Palouse. The bold colors, patterns, lines, and contrast against the contours of the Palouse landscape is breathtaking. Note: To ensure maximum photographic opportunity we will travel up to 100 miles each day.                               
olden Harvest Photo Tour  Late summer is the hardest working season on the farm, a time when farmers and their crews are out in full force, working to bring the harvest in for the year. Join us as we follow the great golden harvest, visiting local farms that offer prime vantage points for photographing local farmers and their crews as they bring in their crops of wheat, barley, lentils and peas. This is also a great time to photograph the changing patterns, shapes, and contrasts that emerge from this process. We’ll also follow the massive combines as they cut their bounty of wheat, barley, and peas, and visit storage silos and grain elevators to photograph the unloading process.  Note: Farmers harvest their crops late into the night so be prepared to spend long hours in the fields.                

Custom Palouse Country Photo Tours Let Jack design a special photo tour that meets your unique needs.  If you can’t attend one of our regularly scheduled tours, please contact Jack to discuss a private Palouse Country Tour. He can arrange a private photo tour for a set fee (to be negotiated depending on your needs). Previously scheduled tours and workshops have priority over special tours and availability may be limited.  Please contact us as soon as possible if you would like to arrange a private Palouse Photo Tour. Camera Clubs - If you would like to sponsor or arrange a special Palouse Country Photo Tour for your local camera club, please contact us for a special group rate. We will certainly work with you to design a tour that meets the specific needs of your group and at an affordable rate.

Here are just a few of the photo opportunities you may have and the locations we may visit:

  • Agricultural Abundance : Peas-Barley-Wheat-Hay-Canola-Lentils
  • Palouse Falls : Cascading down 198 feet into a solid rock canyon
  • Kamiak Butte: Rises 3,360 feet and offers a breathtaking view of the Palouse
  • Steptoe Butte: Standing 3,612 feet, to the Palouse Indians, it was called, “Eomoshtoss”, a sacred high place of spirits quests and the abode of mythical Bull Elk. Photographs from this vantage point are similar to flying over the Palouse in an open airplane 
  • Old bridges and railroad trestles 
  • Snake River: Tugs and barges, hillside, rock walls, canyons, dams.
  • Small farming towns and communities
  • Windmills: No visit to a farming region would be complete without images of a windmill silhouette against the setting sun. 
  • Barns the iconic symbol of any farm yet with modern day farming practices many of these majestic structures are slowly vanishing from the landscape. Our tours will take you to a variety of barns both old and new both in Washington and Idaho 
  • Grain Silos-Grain Elevators
  • Crop dusters (airplanes)
  • Tractors-Combines-Farm Equipment
  • Graveyards-Churches: We will visit and photograph one of the oldest Churches in the state of Washington with incredible architecture and breathtaking stained glass murals
  • Ranches-Homesteads
  • Farm animals. Sheep-Horses-Goats-Mules-Cattle
  • Wildflowers. Springtime
  • Wildlife-White-Tailed Deer, Pheasants-Quail-Hawks-Herons-Bobcats-Coyotes.
  • Desert-The desert region of the Palouse has a unique geology, diverse wildlife, and assorted wildflowers. 
  • People of the Palouse. We will drop-in on local farmers while they prepare to work the fields

 Additional photo opportunities: 

  • Flights over the Palouse. We can arrange to have you flown over the Palouse landscape in a small private plane.  Flights will be arranged through a local professional pilot and will last for 1-hour.  
  • Nighttime shooting. For those individuals requiring less sleep, we can arrange a nighttime photo shoot from the 3,600 foot level of Steptoe Butte to capture star trails. 

Palouse Country Photo Tours is the trade name and a subsidiary of Four Seasons Photo Tours LLC. 

Our pledge is to provide you with a photographic experience that is truly; “Best of the Palouse”.

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