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Terms and Conditions

 1. REGISTRATION IS SIMPLE: Identify the particular photo tour you would like to attend and complete the “Registration form”.  You must also read and sign the “Release of Liability and Acknowledgement of Assumption of Risk” form found on our web-site.

 2. DEPOSIT and TOUR FEES: A booking deposit and completed “Registration form” will secure your reservation for any photo tour, based on availability. Currently booking deposits and all additional photo tour payments may only be made by check or money order. Photo tour fees may vary based on length and location of the tour, travel arrangements, lodging, meals, and in some cases, model fees and park entrance fees. Photo tour fees are quoted in US dollars and must be paid in the same. If any required payments are not made, we reserve the right to treat your reservation as cancelled (see item 4 regarding cancellations)

 3. CAN I BRING A NON-PHOTOGRAPHER ALONG? Depending on space availability a non-photographer may accompany a participating photographer (one who enrolls in a photo tour) with special approval. Please contact us as soon as possible to inquire about space availability and any applicable fees/cost.  We may require the non-photographer to pay a registration fee to cover the cost of traveling in a company vehicle or when there are additional costs, such as, model fees, park entrance fees, and/or other fees associated with the particular photo tour. All non-photographers will also be required to sign a “Release of Liability and Acknowledgement of Assumption of Risk” form.

 4. CANCELLATIONS & REFUNDS: Our cancellation and refund policy is simple; 

  •  Cancellations on the part of the participant made 60-days prior to the scheduled date of a photo tour = full refund minus a $75 processing fee.  
  • Cancellations on the part of the participant made less than 60-days and more than 30-days of a scheduled photo tour = a 50% refund  
  • Cancellations made less than 30-days from a scheduled photo tour = no refund.  
  • Cancellations must be made in writing and received by our business office by either US mail or email. We also encourage a courtesy call to confirm receipt of your cancellation and to help us make necessary adjustments to out scheduled tour.  

  • Four Seasons Photo Tours reserve the right to Cancel or Reschedule a photo tour when insufficient enrollment makes the trip economically impractical for our company. In those uncommon situations where Four Seasons Photo Tours cancels a scheduled tour, participants will be notified at the earliest opportunity, and a full refund of all tuition monies will be made within 30 days. However, we will not be responsible for additional loses or expenses incurred by the workshop participant and/or his or her non-photographing guests, such as airline tickets, airline cancellation fees, travel insurance, and other related charges. 

All photo tour schedules are tentative (subjects, events, and times). Itineraries are subject to change without prior notice due to weather and other environmental conditions, direct or indirect logistical arrangements, transportation plans, health conditions of workshop participants and/or tour leader, employees, or assigns, and/or any other factors deemed to be relevant by Four Seasons Photo Tours. When changes occur, we will make every effort to include supplemental photographic opportunities to the participants and itineraries will be rearranged and/or replacement activities of equal value will be substituted.

 5. SPECIAL TERMS & CONDITIONS: Whether the photo tour you are participating is held on private, public, or government lands or at facility, you agree to abide by all rules, restrictions, and ordinances governing such lands and property. You also agree to respect the rights of other workshop participants, leaders, and those providing services to or for the photo tour. Failure to comply with any governing rules or authority may result in the removal of the participant from the photo tour or related activity with no provisions for refund.

6. PHOTO EQUIPMENT, GEAR, AND ESSENTIAL BELONGINGS: It is the responsibility of each participant to bring and provide his or her own photo equipment, gear, and personal belongings. We have put together a recommended list of what participants should bring when attending one of our Photo Tours. This recommended list can be found on our website under, “Equipment checklist”. Please understand most of our photo tours are in areas with limited or no access to a major camera store/shop so it is essential your equipment is in good working order and you have adequate film or digital storage devices.

 7. RELEASE & LIABILITY AND ACKNOWLEDGMENT OF ASSUMPTION OF RISK WAVIER: All photo tour participants and/or non-photographing guests must agree to all terms and conditions of the "Workshop Policies" and the "Release of Liability and Acknowledgement of Risk” waiver. This agreement is a prerequisite and condition to participating in or taking part of any and all workshops or events with Four Seasons Photo Tours. Refusal to agree to this waiver automatically cancels and/or revokes your registration to participate; and your registration and/or enrollment is considered as a cancellation.  

Photo courtesy of Ted Dayton





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