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Registration Form

Tour dates: _____________ Tour number: _________ Tour location: ______________________________

Applicant: ____________________________________________________________________________

Address: _____________________________________________________________________________

City: _______________ State: _______________ Zip: _______Home Phone: _______________________

Cell Phone: ____________E-mail address:______________________________

Personal Information

We urge you to complete all questions in the following section.

Age: _________ Physical condition: _______________________________________________________ 

Do you have any dietary, medical, or physical restrictions?  Yes___   No ___ 

Please explain: _______________________________________________________________________  

(Four Seasons Photo Tours assumes no responsibility for medical care or for special dietary requirements).

Persons to be contacted in case of emergency:

Emergency contact’s phone number and address: ________________________________________


Your photography level, knowledge, and interest:

Years in photography __________ Skill level ____________________________________________

Photography Medium: Digital _____ B & W _____ Color prints _____ Transparencies _____ 

Please list the primary camera equipment you will be shooting with (camera and lenses).


Show, tell, learn, and have fun.*

During the evening, participants have the option of spending time perfecting their photographic skills by making an informal presentation to the tour group. It is our intention to involve participants in the learning process and would like to know if you would be willing to share, present, or review with your fellow participants a particular photo skill or principle you understand. No subject is too basic; we can all benefit from reviewing even the most fundamental photographic principles. Example of topics to be reviewed or discussed: Exposure compensation, macro photography, depth of field, or skills relating to photographing wildlife, people, or landscape. 

Yes, I would be willing to make a presentation to the group on: ___________________________________

Bring Photos: We encourage each participant to bring at least 5 of their favorite images either in print form or on a laptop computer. We will not judge the images but rather learn from you how the image was captured and any unique story that goes along with the image.

While on this tour do you have any particular subject or interest you would like to photograph and if so please specify?



Deposit and Final Payment: To reserve a space for one of our photo tours there is a required deposit of $200. Final payment is due 60-days prior to the scheduled photo tour. At the present time, we are not accepting credit or debit charges. Unless otherwise stated in the tour description, transportation, meals, and lodging are not included.

Please make checks payable to: Jack Lien and mail to:

  • Jack Lien - P.O. Box  246 - Colfax WA 99111

By signing below, I acknowledge that I have read, understand, and agree with all the Terms and Conditions which are incorporated herein and made a part hereof. You also agree to sign and return the “Release of Liability and Acknowledgment of Assumption of Risk” form.

Signature _____________________________________ Date _______________

Upon receipt of payment you will receive a letter of confirmation along with additional details regarding the photo tour.


On the first day of your Palouse Country Photo Tour or Workshop, all participants will be required to sign the following "Release of Liability and Acknowledgment of Assumption of Risk". Please read this release of liability waiver and if you have any questions let us know before you arrive

Release of Liability and Acknowledgment of Assumption of Risk

Please carefully read and sign the following document as evidence of your concurrence. Each individual participating in a Four Seasons Photo Tour or workshop must submit a signed copy of this form as part the registration process. Participants under 18 years of age must also include the signature of a parent or guardian.

I am aware that the tours and activities of the Four Seasons Photo Tour program in which I am participating present certain risks including, but not limited to, bodily injury, death, illness, loss or damage to personal property, and other safety-related dangers. I further understand that these outdoor tours present inherent risks of personal injury or sickness, such as falling, falling rocks, getting lost, traveling in rough terrain, river crossings, wild animals including bears, wolves, mountain lions, and buffalo, forces of nature such as lightning strikes, hail, high winds, absence of prompt medical attention, if needed, inadequately marked trails, camp injuries, Giardia and infectious or stomach aliments, impure water, and travel by automobile or other conveyance.

I understand these risks, recognize that these dangers cannot be eliminated, and acknowledge other dangers not mentioned may also exist. I understand the physical requirements of participation in these activities and affirm I meet these requirements, and that my physical and mental health is good, and that I am not under a doctor’s care for any condition that might endanger other participants or me. I understand that tour guides or instructors may not posses the required training or equipment to handle incidents that may occur. In case of injury, accident, illness, or my inability to complete these activities, I will bear the full cost of any additional transportation or evacuation procedures performed by Four Seasons Photo Tour or others.  

I hereby release Four Seasons Photo Tour of any and all claims which may now exist or may hereby arise from or by reason of any injury, death, sickness or loss whatsoever suffered by me or from damages to any personal property (including loss or theft of personal property) suffered by me at any time while I am on a photo tour or in the Four Seasons Photo Tour’s vehicle or facilities.

I certify that I am voluntarily participating in these activities and assume all risks, consequences, and potential liability for this participation. I hereby release Four Seasons Photo Tour, its employees, staff, instructors, volunteers, their representatives, the US Forest Service, US National Park Service, and other land managers and owner where these activities occur from any and all liability claims, causes of action, debts, and demands that may arise as a result of my participation in these activities. This document shall also serve as a release and assumption of risk for my heirs, personal representatives, executors, administrators, and members of my family. Four Seasons Photo Tour reserves the right to cancel or change activities without prior notice, and reserves the right to cancel the registration of any participant it determines fails to meet the requirements of these activities. I hereby further consent that any photograph in which I appear taken during my participation in a Four Seasons Photo Tour activity may be used without compensation to me for the purposes of publicity or advertising in catalogs, flyers, etc.

Signature of Participant              Print Name of Participant                   Date

As a parent or guardian of the participant indicated above, I acknowledge reading this form and agree to all the provisions above. In addition to the above release and assumption of risk, I also give my permission for instructors, staff, volunteers, and emergency personnel to make necessary first aid decisions in the event of an accident, injury, or illness to the above named participant.

Signature of Parent / Guardian                  Print Name of Parent / Guardian                   Date

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